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The Blogging Nurseryman – The only gutsy retailer I have found. Puts himself out there. As expected, he blogs depending on time available. Dig In With Kym – An award-winning garden writer, Ms. Pokorny comes from a nursery family and writes with great intelligence. One of the few to give us a fair shake, she […]

More Non-Gardening Blogs and Sites

Akvavit – What’s not to like? April Winchell – LA has everything and it’s not fair. Campaign for Real Beauty – Dove deserves much credit for their non-profit work with girls. Church of the Masses – Interesting media reviews from a Catholic screenwriter. Drive By Truckers – A bit precious but great band. Funny The […]


Over the last few years, US automakers have introduced not merely world-class, but superior cars in every category, and all this has happened with astonishingly little fanfare or notice in the press. The four-door sedans include the nearly flawless 300 from Chrysler, the ultra-sharp 2008 Chevrolet Malibu, and my favorite, the redesigned 2008 Ford Taurus. Subcompacts include the Italian-looking Aveo and Cobalt from Chevy and the Ford Focus


Like popular music, at its core a form of theater, blogs and websites are little “plays in a box”. For example, the internet’s threat to television is likely what terrifies the PRC’s totalitarian government. China could literally disintegrate into democratic regions—an outcome greatly wished. Apparently, Iran has a huge and increasing number of blogs and websites; their development is hastening the slippage of the religious death-grip