Still More Blogs & Sites

The Blogging Nurseryman – The only gutsy retailer I have found. Puts himself out there. As expected, he blogs depending on time available.

Dig In With Kym – An award-winning garden writer, Ms. Pokorny comes from a nursery family and writes with great intelligence. One of the few to give us a fair shake, she traveled from Portland to our Open House in Seattle to see for herself.

Doug Green’s Garden – Nice “over the fence” feel to this site by an ex-garden retailer from Ontario, Canada. Blogs expansively.

Fast Grow The Weeds – Pithy, vegetable-oriented blog by an organic farmer from Michigan. Excellent writer.

Garden Large – Worthy website and infrequently updated blog by an acclaimed landscape designer. Note the controversy over the fate of Gifford Garden.

gardenpath – Quiet, lovely Maine blog with photos, haiku and well-chosen links. Mostly a nature blog with some gardening, befitting Maine.

Karel Capek – One of the 20th century’s little known literary giants.

Lee Child – Exceptional thrillers.

Marshall McLuhan – The man who predicted the future of society.

Mr. McGregor’s Daughter – Only a few miles from where I was raised, so it’s a big favorite, and a straightforward, often funny Midwestern garden blog. However, reverse-typed.

A Not So Simple Garden – Title says it all—a plantsman of the old school, or “particularizer”. Loves pelargonium, which might be my favorite plant.

Rainy Side Gardeners – More “super-site” than blog, but always has peculiar and fascinating tidbits about life in the Pacific Northwest, as well as great photos. Steadfast friend of Heronswood, then and now.

The Refrigerator – Anti-nostalgic urban site about the obscure charms of Rochester, New York—and there are many.

Sin In Linen – Amusing pirate and tattoo sheets and pillowcases.

A Study In Contrasts – The reverse type is the only thing difficult to read on this cheerful, quirky and highly detailed garden blog.

Think or Thwim – Witty site about “green design”.

Today In The Garden – Photo-oriented blog has such a happy vibe that the reverse type is almost okay.

True Dirt – Eccentric blog from an artistic and architectural perspective. Should get a new layout and lose the reverse type. (Folks think it makes the pictures pop—it doesn’t.) But very interesting writer.

Two Peas In A Bucket – Scrapbook blogs are cheerful.

Utah Forest Wilderness – Intensely beautiful scenery, such as the Aquarius Plateau,
The Blues (part of the Grand Staircase) and the felicitously named Tusher Mountains.

View From Federal Twist – Mr. Golden is down the road from Fordhook, so we visit his site for comparos. Award-winning designer, cutting edge plantsman and great critic with an attractive medium tempo blog and excellent links.

Wallace Matthews – An ex-boxer who pens an almost perfect weekly sports column at Newsday, a NYC/Long Island daily. Great journalist whose articles are models of effective writing.

Wander World – I ‘m not sure what A.W. is getting at, but that’s the point.

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