Peaceable Kingdom, Part 3 of 3


For pleasure during the cooling nights of late summer and fall, we offer a harmonious blend of cultivars for potager and flower beds. The following shrubs, annuals, vegetables, herbs and perennials combine beautifully with some particularly fine fruit.

Vegetables: Swiss Chard ‘Bright Lights’
  Beet ‘Bull’s Blood’
  Broccoli ‘Flash’
  Broccoli Raab
  “Carrot ‘Kaleidoscope Mix’
  Collard ‘Georgia’
  Celery ‘Tall Utah 52-70R’
  Garlic ‘Early Italian’
  Mesclun ‘Savory Gourmet Mix’
  Arugula ‘Rocket
  Kale ‘Red Russian’
  Radish ‘Fire’n Ice’
  Radish ‘Salad Rose
  Spinach ‘Baby’s Leaf’
  Spinach ‘Salad Fresh’
Herbs: Sage
  Oregano Greek
Perennials: Daylilly ‘Stella de Oro’
  Buxus microphylla var. japonica ‘Morris Midget’
  Veronica ‘Pink Damask’
  Clematis ‘Perle d’Azur”
  Chrysanthemum ‘Sheffield Pink’
  Solidago ‘Fireworks’
  Salvia ‘Rose Queen’
  Sedum ‘Neon’
  Anemone ‘Richard Ahrens’
  Potentilla ‘Melton Fire’
  Aster amellus ‘Doktor Otto Petschek’
  Aster novae-angliae Lachsglut
  Pennisetum ‘Karley Rose’
Annuals: Salvia ‘Cathedral’
  Dahlia ‘Showtime’
  Dahlia ‘Karma Amanda’
  Perilla ‘Fantasy’
  Melucella laevis ‘Bells of Ireland’
  Ornamental Kale ‘Nagoya Mix’
  Millet ‘Jester’
  Cosmos astrosanguineus
  Dianella tasmanica ‘Variegata’
Small Fruits: Grape ‘Mars’
  Grape ‘Reliance’
  Grape ‘Concord’
  Blueberry ‘Coville’
  Blueberry ‘Elliott’
  Strawberry ‘Ozark Beauty’
  Raspberry ‘Heritage’
  Raspberry ‘Fallgold’

Heronswood’s research director, Grace Romero, is carefully searching for late fall and winter aromatic and cold-weather blooming shrubs and small trees. So stay tuned for a future Peaceable Kingdom, Part 4.

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2 Responses to “Peaceable Kingdom, Part 3 of 3”

  1. Tom Mennella said:

    Can you find two Pinus densiflors? One is Burke’s Red Variegated. The other is oculus draconis a/k/a Dragon’s Eye

  2. Linda Cobb said:

    Mr. Ball,
    Thanks for your anaysis of Philly Flwr Show. Just got back and found it to be amazing, especially the shoes, hats, dresses all made out of flowers. wow!!! Your comment about the lighting is just so true,but I am sure they are trying to create an ambiance with dim lighting. Although it makes it hard to take pictures.

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