200 Motels

On this, my 200th blog, I get to say whatever I want in a top ten list, in no special order. 

1.    My favorite artist is the sculptor Steve Tobin
2.    Recent problems with literacy are due, in part, to textbook font sizes having become smaller over the last 50 years.  Let’s have “large print” for everyone. 
3.    Widespread use of air conditioning and the wearing of t-shirts as an outer garment evolved at about the same time. 
4.    The East (mainly China, Japan and Korea) is going to partition from the West—and particularly the US—not by covering up or closing themselves off, like in the old days, but rather by detaching us from them.  We shall soon exist in a bubble of language and information, and the East will exist outside it.  The new “great wall” will surround us, not them. 
5.    My favorite live album is “Bongo Fury” by The Mothers of Invention. 
6.    I want to write a novel about an immortal dog. 
7.    I estimate that a third of humanity cannot hear music, discriminate tone and pitch or carry a tune, etc.  If musical aptitudes are to a large extent genetic, where are they headed? 
8.    Hybrid vigor is the reverse of inbreeding depression, so to speak. A “mutt” often has greater strength and longevity than a thoroughbred—but not always.  Hence, some heirlooms are fine, but most hybrids are superior. 
9.    The “father of the green revolution”, Norman Borlaug passed away last week.  He emphasized both hybrids and, as needed, chemical fertilizers.  Plants require minerals; if not in the native soils, they won’t grow.  Thus, chemical fertilizers are used to feed masses of people in areas where there is little or no fertile soil.  Also, it is noteworthy that many Nobelists have come from humble and often rural backgrounds.  Cresco, Iowa, was “the middle of nowhere” 97 years ago.  Mr. Borlaug grew up outside of Cresco. 
10.    Parlor guitars are played in parlors or sitting rooms; concert guitars in small auditoriums, orchestra guitars in larger halls and jumbos or “dreadnaughts” in even bigger venues when a booming bass and loud mid-range are needed, such as bluegrass on a festival stage.  Remember always to practice your scales. 
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2 Responses to “200 Motels”

  1. gams said:

    OMG-I am in love with Steve Tobin and his work. Thank you for sharing his work on your site. So talented and in so many areas. I even loved his voice! I will be watching where this man is going.

  2. katie said:

    practice your scales?…very droll
    Norman Borlaug’s passion and humanity fed and saved millions and millions. His deeds fill my soul with hope.
    Millions are still starving. My eyes are filled with tears.

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