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Resources Versus Art

My dad hated “throwing money at problems”, yet he was as guilty as most folks in business, and even more of us in our personal lives. Money easily seduces its owners into madness. Its abuse leaves long and terrible hangovers. Always better to “work the problem”.

Just as mythological as the silver bullet of money is the magical power of technology. Money does nothing more than buy

Earth In the Blanket

Most of us wake up to three feet of snow and feel overwhelmed by the daunting task of shoveling and piling up all the white stuff just to get to work or school. We also anticipate many weeks of boredom ahead as the cold wind blows across the icy snow. But while we are curled […]

Letter To The Editor

February 15, 2008 Mr. Paul Lagasse Columbia University Press 136 S. Broadway Irvington, NY 10533-2599 Dear Mr. Lagasse: I very much enjoy and admire The Columbia Encyclopedia Sixth Edition. The writing and editing is absolutely fantastic. There are to my knowledge only two related errors I wish to point out. Also, I offer a few […]

The Political Garden

The Sunday Star, Easton Md, Sunday, February 10, 2008. As an estimated 40 million US gardeners select their seeds to sow for fall harvest, the nation’s voters choose their candidates for November’s presidential election. Resonant horticultural metaphors are not coincidental, but spring from the roots of civilization. Gardens illustrate the processes of democratic governments, from the […]