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Peaceable Kingdom, Part 2 of 3

MIDSUMMER MIXES We’re proposing planting varieties both of edibles and ornamentals in a relatively tight space, so that “the lambs will lie down with lions”. Create a design for these midsummer, or hot climate cultivars of vegetables, herbs, perennials and shrubs, annuals and small fruit. They’re selected for their tidiness and harmony when planted “ensemble”. […]

Paring Back

 “Taste and see that the Lord is good.” -Psalm 34/35 When I visited rural Pakistan in 2003, I noticed that there were very few overweight people.  On the contrary, most were skinny, including the elderly.  At first I thought I was seeing the effects of poverty.  Then I learned from NGO officials that the average […]

Reseeding The Economy

Solomon was a great king, but not a gardener. It turns out that, after all, there is an infinitude of new things under the sun. This is the essence of innovation and evolution, and the antithesis of tradition and the status quo. Thus, Darwin was, perhaps, the truest of all prophets. While I’ll never stand […]

Peaceable Kingdom Part 1 of 3

Folks have asked, “How can I mix annuals, perennials, vegetables and herbs together in one space?”  The answer depends on your zone, the time of year you wish to enjoy your garden and the particular plants you prefer.  The secret is spacing things out so you can reach in and harvest the vegetables and herbs […]


I find it surprising when it’s said that people lost their money with Bernard Madoff.  Bernie Madoff didn’t lose their money—to do that he would have had to invest it—he found their money.  There’s a big difference. It gets me thinking about Belgian dentists.  Belgian dentists?  Investment bankers have long used Belgian dentists as the […]

Hybrid Vigor

A hot topic recently was the First Pooch. The media roiled with speculation: what kind of dog would the President-elect’s family choose? The President-to-be told the press that the family dog would likely come from an animal shelter, adding, “It will probably be a mutt—like me.” To some, calling oneself a “mutt” smacks of self-deprecation. […]

Camp Obama

Much has been written about a “White House garden” even to the absurd extent of tearing up the front lawn and planting vegetables and herbs—a giant kitchen garden.  Ghastly.  While I sympathize with the proponents, I disagree with their tactics, as well as over zealousness.  In short, they’re not thinking like gardeners. If they wish […]