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Boar’s Head Revisited

During high school I performed heavy chores on a large (9,000 acre) cattle ranch.  One year I fed horses, another year I milked cows, but sophomore year I fed pigs.  Our crew was called, naturally, “the pig feeders”.  It was fascinating and disagreeable only when the gas of rotting food scraps became overwhelming on warm […]

The Rose Blows

At one time—mid 20th century—the rose fought with the marigold for the position of National U.S. Flower.  The rose won in the 1980s, due to its huge lobby which has since disappeared into the Colombian jungle.  Mr. David Burpee, our founder’s first-born, vigorously championed the marigold, even recruiting the great orator, gardener and Illinois native […]

The Trillion Dollar Garden

For six months President Obama has been struggling to save the economy, improve international relations and craft a universal health care plan. Last year’s Wall Street meltdown stunned the nation, conjuring up images of a worldwide depression. Yet, oddly enough, there is a bright spot on the horizon, and, in the President’s case, it’s shining […]

The New, New Luxury

A worldly friend gravely informs me luxury is dead. Now that Gucci purses and Hermes scarves are being snatched up by a larger public, he explains, they’ve lost their cachet. Luxury has gotten too democratic. It’s like the line about the restaurant: “Nobody goes there any more: it’s too crowded.” The new luxury, he tells […]