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Hot Air

Climate change is too important to leave to the experts. For years now, partisans on both sides of the climate issue have flung graphs, glaciers and hockey sticks at each other, generating as much heat as greenhouse gases, but little consensus. For most Americans, climate change arrived on Thursday, June 23, 1988. This was the […]

Powerline: Frederick Dobbs On Photosynthesis

Since the beginning of April, I’ve been keenly aware that the days are rapidly getting longer. Like a spool unraveling. The Sun rises and sets farther north. Now even in the upper Midwest on the first day of spring, the Sun feels positively hot on your face. Plants have sensed this too and are bursting. […]

Saving The Great American Tomato Crisis, One Bite At A Time

My fellow Americans, our country is facing a tomato crisis. In the prolonged and unexpected cold snap in early January of this year, 70 percent of Florida’s tomato crop was wiped out, leaving traumatized fruits to rot on the ground beneath shriveled vines. With a weekly harvest of 25 million pounds of tomatoes, Florida is […]