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Burpee, GMO And Monsanto Rumors Put To Rest

The Internet has rapidly changed the way we do everything from banking and booking reservations to seeking advice from fellow gardeners. Certainly, it is a very convenient place to retrieve information and share ideas. However, there is a danger to the rapid exchange of unverified information, which few seem to mention:  the spreading and accepting […]

By The Time We Got To Rootstock: Guest Blog By Nick Rhodehamel

Ever since Europeans began colonizing North America about 400 years ago, apple has been an important crop, used fresh or cooked and as cider and farm animal feed. In 1905, S.A. Beach, of the New York Agricultural Experiment Station at Geneva, published The Apples of New York, in two volumes. This book exhaustively catalogues and […]

Boring Our Trees To Death: Guest Blog By Nick Rhodehamel

Organisms (animals, plants, or microbes) living outside their historical natural ranges are termed “exotic”, and only rarely is this applied as a positive attribute. But importing exotic species is as old as human travel. Most gardens are teeming with exotic plants, and at least half of all woody plant species offered in U.S. wholesale grower […]