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Perception? Reality? Champagne?

I have a good Argentinean friend who was a wife of a top executive of a major, multinational industrial company. She also has great taste. Once, many years ago, she and her husband spent several days as a guest of a wealthy client of her husband’s company at his home in Martinique, a former French […]

George Positioning Satellite

The great thing about reaching middle age in our current society is that one does so, more or less, healthy. Until very recently in the history of civilizations, middle age did not exist for most people. Of course, health includes mental health – the most important of all. In my case I am lucky to […]

The Politically Correct Tomato Sandwich

Last summer I became sandwiched between two political issues that appear sympathetic, but on close scrutiny show a profound and dissonant contradiction deep in the fertile soil of community gardening. Recently, First Lady Michelle Obama boldly proclaimed that the urban poor were at serious risk of deprivation of fresh produce. The so called “food deserts” […]

All The Pretty Leaves: Guest Blog by Nick Rhodehamel

Much of the country is now experiencing winter weather. Recently, snow closed the better part of Interstate 40 in New Mexico, and Hayward, WI, was 2° F a night or two ago. But here on California’s central coast, many plants are still growing and flowering (a little slowly perhaps, given the short days). But some […]