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Gardening’s Crystal Ball

Often I’m asked, “What’s the future of gardening?” Here is my short answer, so to speak. First, the number of gardeners is growing, as baby boomers enter their 50s and 60s—the peak years of active home gardening. Gardeners inspire new gardeners, so children and even grandchildren are seeing—witnessing, you might say—more home gardens being grown […]

The Last, Best Bargain

by George Ball This is the season when we appraise the year passing, and gently outline the year ahead, tracing tentative personal goals and plans. Even as our country inexorably advances towards the dreaded fiscal cliff, it is likewise a period when the press routinely diverts us with articles highlighting our era’s grand acquisitors and […]

“Too Beautiful”

by George Ball I saw a Wall Street Journal article a couple of weeks ago about surprising, nay stunning, modern and contemporary art auction results. Old records were smashed and new ones set. Many were paintings of majestic importance and quality, such as Jackson Pollock’s. Yet others were for art works as trivial as—of all […]