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Health Insurance? Grow Your Own

Amid all the brewing brouhaha about Obamacare, the very foundation of healthcare scarcely gets mentioned. By all means, let’s make health insurance available and affordable for Americans: at the same time, let’s do our darndest to make it less necessary. What we know as “health insurance” is in fact “sick insurance,” since it only kicks […]

Mike McGrath on Hybrids, Heirlooms and GMO’s

  Hybrids Are NOT “FrankenFoods” Many people misunderstand the term ‘hybrid’ when it appears on seeds or plants, mistakenly thinking it has something to do with GMOs or ‘genetically modified organisms’. But hybrids have been used in everyday agriculture for hundreds of years and are not the product of modern genetic engineering in a lab. […]

How the Seed Saved the World: Guest Blog by Nick Rhodehamel

Eschatologists abound. The world, in someone’s view, however you wish to define it, is always about to end. A pair of predictions was put forth a few of years ago by Rev. Camping of Oakland, CA. Many of the Reverend’s radio followers sold all their belongings to join him, without encumbrance, at the Rapture. When […]

George Ball Discusses Future of Gardening

George Ball discusses the future of gardening in this interesting piece by Dean Fosdick of the Associated Press  on where the gardening industry is headed in the year 2020 and beyond.   Original article appears under the title “Climate of Change Ahead for Gardening”.  You can read the original Associated Press article here.     […]