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A Requiem for Woodchucks: Guest Blog by Nick Rhodehamel

For a long time, I used to go to bed early. That was when my daughter was little more than a toddler. At night, she asked to be told stories about animals. Sometimes she would fall asleep before I had begun; sometimes I would find myself speaking from my own dream. But other times the […]

How the Seed Saved the World: Guest Blog by Nick Rhodehamel

Eschatologists abound. The world, in someone’s view, however you wish to define it, is always about to end. A pair of predictions was put forth a few of years ago by Rev. Camping of Oakland, CA. Many of the Reverend’s radio followers sold all their belongings to join him, without encumbrance, at the Rapture. When […]

Frederick Dobbs On The Sub-Zero Garden

The dog didn’t seem to be cold. I wasn’t either, but it was no warmer than —15°F. It was a clear, still night; we had gone out for a walk before bed and nothing much seemed to be moving. The only sound I was aware of was the brittle, dry snow crunching beneath our feet. […]


When I discovered that Salvia guaranitica ‘Black and Blue’ had been thriving for the last 5 years in my garden, but had been listed by Burpee and other nurseries nationwide as either an “annual” or a perennial hardy only in zones 7 to 11, I was really surprised. I remember seeing it listed as a […]